TOP-SPREAD™ Bale Processor

Tired of spreading bedding in the cold or covering new seed with an 8 man crew? Take full advantage of bale or mulch spreading from the seat of your skid loader. The TOP-SPREAD™ Bale Processor offers a quick way to get the work done in your livestock pen or out on the job site.

We get it. When there’s work to be done, you are the only one around. Hook up your TOP-SPREAD™ with flat face hydraulic connectors and a 14 pin electrical plug and then hop in your skid steer or telehandler cab to start spreading fast. The whole thing tips forward like a big bucket to get your material loaded and get underway. No need to call for Junior to open the gates or hand load material, just spread over top and use large square or round bales.

Use the buttons on your joystick to engage the rotors and move the material forward or in reverse. Don’t want material in your water tank or culvert? Simply don’t push the button and it won’t throw material. Distance is managed by operator feeding and your power unit hydraulic flow. More power can’t hurt, right?

TOP-SPREAD™ fits on the back of your flatbed pick-up to move to different sites, manuvers in alleys and in-between buildings easily. No need to start up a tractor and a PTO unit. That’s How Work Gets Done.

We’ve seen some pretty creative operators in our day. Not only could you spread livestock bedding or process feed, you can apply coverage for new seeding or bare earth on your construction site. Re-processing hemp fiber? No problem. Sick of opening bags of mulch? Jump in the cab and landscape like the pros