Art's Way 6105 Grinder Mixer

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The 105-bushel model allows you to customize your machine to meet your needs. Choosing mechanical or hydraulic lift and swing with or without an auger feeder gives you flexibility in your yard.

Hammer Mill

  • 20-inch Hammer Mill
    A 20-inch hammer mill with 72 4-way reversible hammers allows for faster grinding power. Choose from our wide range of screen sizes to achieve your desired particle size


Unload Options

  • Versatile Unload Options
    Mechanical lift and swing with mechanical unload
  • Hydraulic lift and swing with hydraulic unload


Efficient Unloading

  • The 8-inch diameter unload system quickly discharges feed reducing time and labor costs.


Proven Technology

  • Trusted Art’s Way grinder systems have been improved and over time to create the 6105 model. It embodies all enhancements in one machine.


Capacity of Mixing Tank 105 bushel (130.7 cu. ft.)
Width of Mill 20 in.
Height (with tire size) 106 in.
Overall Length 170 in.
Width with Auger Feeder 95 in.
Weight with Auger Feeder 3,540 lbs.
Reversible Hammers 72
Screen Area 600 sq. in.
PTO Drive 540 RPM
Operating Speed of Mill 2,800-3,000 RPM
Horsepower Requirement 40-100 hp
Auger Feeder Length 96 in.
Auger Feeder Diameter 10 in.
Auger Feeder Type Hydraulic Trough
Diameter of Mixing Auger 12 in. flighting/13 in. tube/24 in. base
Discharge Auger Tube Diameter 8 in.
Discharge Auger Type (lift & swing) Hydraulic, Mechanical
Unload Auger Reach 60° Angle 16 ft. 8 in. (10 ft. Tube)
Unload Auger Reach 3 ft. Extension 60° Angle 19 ft. 3 in. (10 ft. Tube)
Unload Auger Reach 6 ft. Extension 60° Angle 22 ft. (10 ft. Tube)
Supplement Hopper Size 21 x 24 in.
Tires 10 x 15 8 ply rib implement
Ground Clearance 10 in.