Art's Way 7165 Grinder Mixer

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Grinder Mixer — Hammer Mill

All the hammer mills feature 4-way reversible knives to get more use out of this common wear item. Choose between a 20- or 26-inch hammer mill size to match the output you desire. A throat magnet prevents metal debris from staying in your feed through processing.  A balanced rotor assembly keeps your mill operating smoothly.

The 7165 Grinder Mixer has the features to handle your toughest jobs. Producers asked for more efficient feeding, longer run times and strong drive lines. These have all been bundled into one machine with so many more benefits. Both of these grinder mixers have what it takes for a job well done.


  • Efficient Feeding
    Tube-style auger provides maximum feed delivery by decreasing the return of material down the auger.
  • Fast Unload
    10-inch diameter, 12-foot-long discharge auger allows for fast unload. *See options for extensions.


LED Lights

  • Safety Features
    LED lights are positioned for superior visibility while transporting your Grinder Mixer. The nonslip ladder provides safe access to the mixing tank. A plated jackstand increases stability


Hammer Mill

  • 4-way Reversible Hammers
    The 26-inch hammer mill boasts 96 4-way reversible hammers for long use and easy replacement.


Central Hydraulis

  • Self-Contained Hydraulics
    Centralized hydraulic manifold makes it easy to monitor and adjust gauges and allows the remote functions to work properly.


Control Center

  • Control Options
    System provides complete control of auger movement via control box or wirelessly operated remote. You can control the discharge auger from either side of the tank, or, with the wireless remote, you can control the discharge
    auger from anywhere.


Air System

  • Air System
    Captures more feed and decreases dust during your processing.


Double Flighting

  • Smooth Flow
    Double flighting in transition auger provides smooth feed flow from mixing tank to discharge auger.


Strong Drive Line

  • Strong Drive Line
    Over-running PTO shaft allows for smoother shutdown. A larger jack shaft and bearing are built to withstand the stress from your tractor.


Hydraulic Cooler

  • Longer Run Time
    Added hydraulic cooler automatically engages when the hydraulic fluid temperature is elevated. Fan reverses periodically to keep debris out of cooler. The cooler allows for a smaller hydraulic fluid tank. Your fluid will warm up  faster for a short start time in cold weather and is more cost effective to change.


Centralized Grease Points

  • Easy Maintenance
    Centralized grease point makes continued smooth operation a breeze


Capacity of Mixing Tank 165 bushel (205.3 cu. ft.)
Width of Mill 26 in.
Height (with tire size) 126 in.
Overall Length 175 in.
Width with Auger Feeder 114 in.
Weight with Auger Feeder 5,200 lbs.
Reversible Hammers 96
Screen Area 780 sq. in.
PTO Drive 1000 RPM, 540 RPM
Operating Speed of Mill 2,800-3,000 RPM
Horsepower Requirement 80-160 hp
Auger Feeder Length 96 in.
Auger Feeder Diameter 10 in.
Auger Feeder Type Hydraulic Tube
Diameter of Mixing Auger 12 in. flighting/13 in. tube/24 in. base
Discharge Auger Tube Diameter 10 in.
Discharge Auger Type (lift & swing) Hydraulic
Unload Auger Reach 60° Angle 20 ft. 3 in. (12 ft. Tube)
Unload Auger Reach 3 ft. Extension 60° Angle 22 ft. 10 in. (12 ft. Tube)
Unload Auger Reach 6 ft. Extension 60° Angle 25 ft. 5 in. (12 ft. Tube)
Supplement Hopper Size 21 x 24 in.
Tires 13.5 x 16.1 8 ply high flotation
Ground Clearance 13 in.