Art's Way 2118

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Product highlights:

  • One in-cab button, hydraulic drive system to switch from rear unload to front unload
  • User-friendly, independent controls
  • 16-, 18- and 20-ft. high-capacity box length options
  • 1/2-in. thick and slick densilite flooring for reduced thermal expansion and minimal wear
  • Streamlined components for improved serviceability and lower replacement costs
  • 4-minute front unload
  • 1-minute rear unload
  • Running gear and truck-mount compatible frame
  • 10 floor speed options


Take full control of the box.
Are you a mid-sized operation looking for a straightforward, no-fuss forage box? The Art’s Way 2100 Series forage box was built to speed up unload times with a fast, hydraulic drive system which allows you to switch from front unload to rear unload with the push of a button right from the cab. We believe a quality forage box doesn’t have to be loaded with unnecessary bells and whistles to get the job done. What you need is a low-maintenance forage box with durable components and the ultimate versatility with running gear and truck-mount compatible frame. This simple, serviceable and affordable forage box will keep your cow candy rolling for years to come.

Lightning-fast unload
Our independently controlled hydraulic drive system sets us apart from the others in speed and convenience. Our rear- and front-unload options can be done right from the cab with the switch of a button clocking in at 1-minute and 4-minutes to unload respectively.

Robust capacity
Pick the box size fit for you — 16-, 18- or 20-ft. — with corrugated-steel sides ready to take on the acidic environment of forage harvest.

No-fuss engineering for easier maintenance
We’ve drastically reduced the number of unique parts on this machine. These streamlined components translate to a simple, low-maintenance forage box that just about anyone can service.

Durable floors
The box floors are constructed with tough 1/2-in. thick densilite material for reduced thermal expansion (no waves and buckles here) and minimal wear. These floors provide a slick surface for material to slide across to reduce trapped moisture buildup.


In-cab hydraulic controls
Our all new in-cab hydraulic controls allow you to run your forage box without leaving the seat of you tractor. This option allows you to change from front unload to rear unload with a push of a button.

Side extension/ 4th beater kit
You have the ability to add extensions, making your box taller which includes a 4th beater for more material movement. With extensions you could add up to 187 cu. ft. or material (See specifications sheet on page 4.)


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