Art's Way 9016-HD

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Tired of waiting for the field to be dry enough? With different dump carts, you can get in the field without needing to bring in your trucks. Match the box size for your operation needs whether it is a two wheel cart with flotation tires or a 4 wheel wagon to pull behind the harvester.


The 9016-HD features a reversible hitch that makes it easy to change from right to left hand dump as needed to accommodate harvester movement. The 9015 can be ordered as a right or left hand dump from the factory.


The 16 ft. box length has a capacity of 930 cu. ft. and rated load capacity of 40,000 pounds. The 15 ft. box length has a capacity of 655 cu. ft. struck and a rated load capacity of 24,000 pounds.


The high dump cart has a massive undercarriage, a wide stance, and a counterweight box for maximum stability.

  • 930 cubic feet capacity
  • 40,000 pound dump capacity
  • 2 minute cycle time
  • Flotation Tires


Length of box 16 ft.
Capacity struck 930 cu. Ft.
Rated load capacity 40,000 lbs.
Lip clearance 7-13 ft.
Pivot height 9-15 ft.
Axle clearance 20 in
Height (low side)
Height (high side)
11 ft.
12 ft. 6 in.
Tread width (centers) 132 in. (walking tandem)
137 in. (2 wheel cart)
Lift cylinders
Tilt cylinders
5 in and 4 in. Master Slave
5 in. parallel
Recommended min. flow
Dump cycle time @ 15GPM
Dump cycle time @ 20GPM
15 GPM
Approx. 90 sec
Approx. 20 sec
Tongue Weight % 8-11 %
Sideways reach lowest height > 16"
highest height > 42"
(outside edge of tire to lip)
Dump Right or Left Hand 
Axle placement 4 positions 
Wheels  10 bolt 
Spindles 4-1/2 inch bolt-in cold rolled 
Tires  30.5L-32 16 ply bias flotation 
Hitch Swivel (adjusts up and down) 
Jack 12,000 lb 2 speed crank
Scale System Optional