Art's Way 1222HS Defoliator

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Heavy duty dual cylinder hitch
1000 RPM CV PTO shaft

Easy Open Belt Box Doors

Simple Front Panels

Heavy duty wheel carriers
12.4 x 24 – 8 ply tires
Wide walking tandem shown (right)
Steerable axles are also available

Rubber flails
Center rotor, 6-pin rubber flails and rear rotor, 8-pin rubber flails

Front rotor, steel cluster cupped knives
Enclosed in shredding shroud.

Heavy duty gearbox
Heavy duty gearbox with positioned jackshaft for better PTO angle.

Centralized Grease Bank

Easy access, heavy duty belted top covers
Easy access, heavy duty belted top covers with single cylinder hydraulic open

Optional equipment
Mechanical disc or mechanical knife scalpers (optional)
Fixed front stabilizer wheels (optional) with 7.60 x 15 – 6 ply tires.


Tractor Requirements 170 hp min.
PTO 1000 RPM
Row Spacing 12 row 22 in., 8 row 30 in.
Top Cover - Front Rotor Hinged 2-section steel covers
Top Cover - Rear 2 Rotors Hinged 2-section HD belting w/ hydraulic open
#1 Rotor Cluster steel (Standard), Cupped knives, Enclosed shroud, Full flail (Optional)
#2 Rotor Rubber cluster 12 in. 8 pin
#3 Rotor Rubber cluster 12 in. 6 pin
Power Train 1000 rpm PTO shaft, HD gearbox, SV section drive belts w/ spring-loaded idlers
Drive Shields Hinged for easy access and protection of drive belts
Tires 12.4 x 24 - 8 ply Set of 4
Inside Width (12R22) 22 ft. 2 in.
Inside Width (6R30/8R30) 14 ft. 10 in.
Outside Width (12R22) 24 ft. 2 in.
Outside Width (6R30/8R30) 17 ft.
Length w/o scalpers 18 ft. 4 in.
Weight w/o scalpers 11,480 lbs.
Scalpers (optional) Disc, Knife
Carrier Wheels Offset/Manual, Straight/Manual, Walking Tandem, Wide Walking Tandem