Art's Way 6812 Beet Harvester

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Design engineers have improved the crop retention of the Art’s Way 6812 Sugar Beet Harvester. The 6812 features improved barriers in the harvesting head. The hinged barriers allow the sugar beets to flow onto the rollers but prevent them from rolling back and dropping out of the head. The smaller double conveyor chains have been replaced with a single wider chain carrying more beets into the second set of rollers. The single chain eliminates an area that was prone to plugging with dirt and debris. The combination of these two improvements keeps the harvesting head cleaner while boosting capacity and flow.


The 6812 Harvester provides several stages for superior cleaning to include conveyor rolls, 60 in. frameless transfer chain bed, 4 pairs of 10 ft. parallel grab rolls and a ferris wheel elevator. The new lighter weight retainer has been incorporated into the ferris wheel design making space adjustment between the retainer and the ferris wheel easier to accommodate the beet size of your harvest. There are no complex valve and control box on the harvester.


The new ALT system from Art’s Way allows for adaptive digging across your field. Featuring a hydraulically operated axle and sonar sensing, you are able to monitor and adjust digging depth across your field from inside your cab. Harvest more efficiently when you have precise control over your machine. If you are in need of updating your digger, this is the reason to do it.


Tractor Requirements 280 HP min.
PTO 1000 RPM-CV 1 3/4-20
Short Conveyor 60 in. Draper Chan
Upper Transfer Elevator 42 in. belted chain
Truck Conveyor 42 in. belted chain
Grab Rolls 4 pairs, single point adjust
Hydraulic Row Finder Adjustable
Tank Size 9,000 lbs
Trad Width Adjustable
Tires 12.4-24 8 ply 24.5 x 32 - 12 ply
Lifter Wheels 28 in. cast alloy steel
Width 23.5 ft. 15 ft.
Height 13 ft. 11 in.
Length 30 ft. 10 in.
Dimensions: lifter head width  
8R22 16 ft. 2 in.
8R30 21 ft. 5 in
12R22 24 ft. 1 in.
Weight w/ 12 row 22 head 42,540 lbs.