Danuser T3 Post Driver

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The T3 Post Driver is a small driver that delivers big time results!
The T3 Driver will drive T-posts up to a 3" O.D. pipe at a rate of up to six strikes per second. The top of the post is fully contained to prevent kick out and protected from damage by the strike plate. Use your tractor, skid-steer, mini-ex, loader, or backhoe to carry the weight of the driver. This is an ideal post driver for most farmers, ranchers, fencing contractors, and rental yards.


Tilt Bracket

Tilt Bracket option works with all T3 Driver mount platforms for up to 20° tilt either left or right.

Strike Plate

Strike Plate prevents the top of the post from becoming damaged.

Skid-Steer Offset Quick Attach Mount

Skid-Steer Offset Quick Attach Mount allows the operator to drive posts near objects that might obstruct other drivers, like fence lines or debris, and is reversible for use on either side of vehicle.


Danuser T3 Specs 21


Post Dimensions: T-post to 3" O.D. pipe
Impact Force: 2,000 lbs. per stroke
Impact Energy: 40 ft.-lbs. per stroke
Hammer Weight: 10 lbs.
Strokes Per Second: 6