Danuser EP1020

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The EP Auger System is ideal for various industries and applications.
A robust, Danuser planetary manufactured to our engineering design, and a motor rated up to 3,500 PSI means greater torque than previous EP models. The planetary also features easily accessible check and fill plugs which means quick and easy maintenance. The output spindle is manufactured as a single piece, allowing us to offer a lifetime warranty covering output spindle pullout.


Hose Routing

Motor hoses are routed out the top of the drive unit housing, secured with bulkhead nuts, allow deeper digging in tighter spots with better hose protection. All drive units ship with 45° fittings installed.


Danuser is one of only a handful of manufacturers who have their own planetary design. The result is a planetary with up to 42% more output torque strength than the competition.


Offerings include Skid-Steer, Mini-Skid-Steer, Tractor Front-End Loader, and Backhoe & Excavator.

Adjustable Carry Angle

Mounts feature an adjustable cradle with two positions for transporting, 15° and 30° angles. The 15° angle provides improved visibility while the 30° angle provides versatility for a range of auger diameters and lengths.

Output Spindle

Manufactured as a single piece, the Danuser planetary features a lifetime warranty protecting against output shaft pullout.


Max. Dia. Auger: 30"
Requirements: 10 - 20 GPM up to 3500 PSI
Max. Hyd. Back Pressure: 1500 PSI
Gearbox Ratio: 3.86:1

Danuser EP1020 Output 21