Boom Attachments

  • Rear Cradle Boom Type
  • Multiple cutting head styles to choose from:
  • Rotary Mowers | Flail Mowers | Forestry Disc Mulchers
  • Saw Blade | Ditcher


Tractor booms enable operators to clear ordinarily hard-to-reach trees and brush and allow operators to perform a wide range of functions like sawing and mulching. These booms and their attachments will add the versatility you need for everyday operations.

The Rear Cradle Boom comes in a variety of lengths to meet application needs and tractor capabilities:
21-FT | 22-FT | 23-FT | 25-FT | 30-FT

The Rear Cradle Boom folds to the rear for clearance and visibility when in transport. The method used to attach the Rear Cradle Boom to your tractor will depend primarily on your tractor’s make and model. We also have 3-PT boom tractor attachments if you are looking to add versatility to a tractor using the 3-PT hitch.