Spreader Sprayers

Z-Spray Stand-On Spreader Sprayers

The Z-Spray spreader-sprayer has the capability to maximize productivity in large areas and quickly tackle small yards. Z Turf Equipment's lineup of stand-on spreader-sprayers ensure there's a perfect model for your unique application needs. With zero-turn maneuverability and an ergonomically designed operating system, you can comfortably get the job done right every time you fire up the engine.

The Z-Spray spreader-sprayer accurately and efficiently spreads seed while simultaneously applying granular and liquid fertilizer. Trust in the Z-Spray stand-on spreader-sprayer to last season after season thanks to high-quality, commercial-grade parts. A stainless-steel chassis, ceramic nozzles, and your choice between a Kohler or Vanguard engine provide durability and longevity to your turf management equipment. Across our lineup of LTS, Junior, Mid, and Max models, you'll be traveling in comfort on your floating operator platform at speeds between 5.5-8.0 MPH. These models also present premium nozzles, options for hose trays, and easy one-handed steering, allowing the other to adjust the spread and spray of the product. Choose between 2ft, 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft spray widths fed by a 20-to-60-gallon tank while maintaining superior maneuverability.