Zero-Turn Mowers

Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

Exmark zero-turn mowers are the product of decades worth of work in the field and factory. To truly make the world's best zero-turn mower, the team at Exmark spent time on the job with you. We felt your aches and pains. We learned what you want and need from a commercial zero-turn mower. We researched, listened to customers like you, and designed our zero-turn mowers with industry-leading ergonomics, maneuverability, cut quality, and durability. Maybe that's why more landscape professionals trust Exmark zero-turn mowers.

Leading Zero-Turn Mower Technology

Exmark is proud to provide landscape professionals and homeowners with industry-leading innovation in zero-turn lawn mower technology. Everything we produce is to make every job easier and quicker.

Superior Ergonomics

Exmark's patented Iso Mount Isolation System keeps the operator comfortable by minimizing impact, producing a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. Thanks to our Elastomeric Vibration Control Fabric, we have the most comfortable zero-turn mower seating.

Unmatched Maneuverability

Exmark zero-turn riding mowers deliver ultimate maneuverability, allowing landscape professionals and homeowners to tackle any job. Properly cut around every flower bed and tree with ease using Exmark’s drive levers. To go forward, you push both handles. To turn right, you push the left handle forward, and to turn left, you push the right handle forward.

Exmark Cut Quality

Exmark zero-turn riding lawn mowers deliver more of what your work demands: premium performance, quality, reliability, and digital diagnostic tools. With our constant innovation and evolved commercial zero-turn lawn mowers, we have been at the top of lawn care and mowing technology for over 30 years.

Easy Maintenance

Buying an Exmark zero-turn mower is an investment in your company or property. Like every investment, regular maintenance is essential to ensure long-term success. We build every machine with our customers in mind. We provide easy access to every component of the Exmark mower. And should a part require replacing, Exmark has a complete inventory of original parts ready to purchase.

Industry-Leading Durability

We set our bar high so that you can get the best value from a commercial-grade mower that is high-performing, ergonomic, and, remarkably enough, easy to maintain. And we prioritized durability above all because we know commercial landscapers demand and deserve a better mowing experience.