H&S LW1100

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  • Efficiently wraps round bales from 4′ to 6′ in diameter, and large square bales up to 5′ long crosswise, or 6′- 6″ lengthwise on the optional riser shelf.
  • Requires less effort and time than conventional wrapping methods.
  • Reduced wrap cost since only the diameter of the bale is wrapped.
  • The automatic operating mode allows the LINEWRAP to be a one-man operation. The machine wraps while the operator loads.
  • A remote for the start/stop/steer and work lights are all standard equipment.
  • The LINEWRAP ’s independent power source is a 13-horsepower gas engine with electric start. An 18-amp alternator powers the hydraulic system which controls all machine functions.
  • The self-contained hydraulic system utilizes a large capacity oil reservoir for cooler operation.
  • Conveniently located controls.
  • Two 30″ pretensioners have a 65% stretch that allows for a tightly wrapped bale.
  • The riser bars that allow square bales to be wrapped crosswise are standard equipment.
  • The open design of the 7′ bale platform allows debris to fall through.
  • The length of travel of the push bar is controlled with adjustable limit switches to reduce cycle time.
  • The bale-push is extended out manually to push the bales further down the bale ramp and complete the wrapping process.
  • A lock-out valve locks the brakes hydraulically against the tires. This prevents the wrapper from rolling ahead too easily when wrapping so proper pressure is kept between bales.
  • The telescoping transport pole is pinned to the manual steering assembly when wrapping to keep the LINEWRAP in a straight line or to steer around obstacles.
  • The tailgate has a transport bar to lock the tailgate and a hydraulic shutoff valve that must be closed for transport.


Model LW1100
Power System
Power Honda iGX390 w/Electric Start
Hydraulics 9½ Gallon Self-Contained Reservoir
Shipping Length 16′ 10″
Width 8′ 10″
Height 9′ 4″
Weight 4,300#
Length w/Tailgate Down 22′ 9″
Tires (4) 11L - 15
Film Tensioner (2) 30″ X 65%
Bale Capacity
Bale Capacity Round Up to 6′
Bale Capacity Square 6′ 6″ Lengthwise / 5′ Crosswise