H&S RM7117

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  • The self-contained hydraulic system includes a pulley-driven pump and a 15-gallon reservoir w/filter system provides circulation to cool the oil. The hydraulic motor provides a flow of 12 GPM.
  • Magnets in either of the machines remove any metal that may accidentally mix with the material entering the mill.
  • The 240-degree swing radius of the unloading auger allows repositioning of the discharge auger from one side of the machine to the other without moving the grinder-mixer.
  • A 14″ mixing auger with a 30″ base provides superior mixing uniformity.
  • An adjustable slip clutch on the auger rotation provides protection if foreign objects are encountered.
  • Mixer drive systems are shear bolt protected.
  • A large discharge door provides high-capacity unloading.
  • Mixer feeding attachments and unloading mechanisms are all driven hydraulically.
  • 5-porthole windows allow the operator to see feed levels.
  • A 14″ mixing auger with a 30″ base provides superior mixing uniformity.
  • Mixers feature a side mounted supplement hopper.
  • Transport lights are standard equipment.



  • 8' Conventional Swinging Intake Auger
  • Rear Supplement Hopper
  • Digi-Star 2500 Scale
  • Digi-Star 3410 Scale
  • 3' Folding Extension
  • 6' Folding Extension
  • 30,000# Safety Chain


Tank Capacity - Bushel 135
Tank Capacity - Cubic Ft. 167
Tank Diameter 74"
Overall Height 10′ 8″
Overall Length 15′
Ground Clearance 12″
Diameter of Mixing Auger 14″ Diameter w/30″ Base
Ladder Foldable Rear Mount Non-Slip
Tank Windows 5-Port Hole Style
Supplement Hopper Side Mounted
Feeder Standard Gravity Hopper
Tires 12.5L - 15 - 20 Ply
Jack Standard
Tractor Requirements  
PTO Drive 540 RPM
H.P. Requirement 540 RPM up to 125 HP
Hydraulic System  
Self-Contained Includes Pump, 15 Gallon Reservoir w/Filter and Pressure Relief Valve
Pump Pressure 3,200 PSI Maximum
Oil Flow 12 G.P.M.
Discharge Auger System  
Unloading Auger Tube Diameter 8″
Unloading Auger Length 12′
Unloading Auger Rotation 240 Degrees
Unloading Auger Reach Standard Approx. 19′ at 53 Degrees
Unloading Auger w/3' Extension Approx. 21′ 6″ at 53 Degrees
Unloading Auger w/6' Extension Approx. 23′ 10″ at 53 Degrees
Roller Mill  
Rolls 2 - 18″ Wide x 16 Diameter Chill Cast Rolls
Roll Drive 540 RPM Direct
Grooves Per Inch (GPI) Choice of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 GPI Rolls
Roll Protection Leaf Spring
Magnets Top Hopper w/Grate Magnet