Seed Tenders

Tending To Your Seeds

SpeedTender Pro 2•50 - 4•50

Designed with your seed needs in mind, the J&M SpeedTender Pro™ 2•50 and 4•50

are capable of transporting two and four respectively, 50 unit seed boxes with ease.

Our poly-cupped auger system is designed to be gentle on your seed for minimum

damage and maximum germination results. The tall auger height allows you to easily

fill your bulk seed tank, while the 3-stage telescoping spout gives you the reach

necessary when transferring seed to the widest planter boxes.

All of our SpeedTender Pro 2•50 and 4•50 units feature a rugged dual axle chassis

with standard A-frame or optional gooseneck design. Our electronic weigh system

is designed for extreme accuracy when unloading. Standard two-function wired or

optional wireless remote control available.