Kuhn AXIS 30.2 Q

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Durable Components Provide a Long Life for the Machine

Mechanical Drive

The mechanical drive system uses a 540 rpm PTO. The maintenance-free gearbox controls both the spreading discs and hopper agitators. This simple design requires no hydraulics to operate the discs, perfect for older or smaller tractors.

Gentle Agitator

The simple, mechanical drive allows for a consistent agitator speed of 17 rpm. Slow, stepped agitation prevents fertilizer granule or seed damage.

High-Quality Powder Paint Finish

All KUHN fertilizer spreaders go through a 7-step process that includes mechanical and chemical cleaning as well as top-quality powder paint application and paint baking. This ensures optimum corrosion and scratch resistance, UV resistance, acid resistance and increased abrasion durability. KUHN powder paint will wear longer as the base material is much harder and will corrode far less with the powder paint protectant.


Manual CDA

The Coaxial Distribution Adjustment (CDA) System changes the drop point to adjust the spread pattern quickly and easily for the operator. On the 30.2 Q, the slides can be manually adjusted.

Telimat Border Spreading

The available Telimat limiter attaches to the right-hand side of the spreader. Its adjustable vanes redirect the fertilizer granules to keep them in the field, reducing your input costs and environmental impact.

Electronic Speed Matching (Rate Control)

The electronic speed matching feature controls the metering outlets based on the forward speed of the machine. This system precisely maintains the set rate no matter the conditions. Speed signals can come from either tractor wheel speed sensors or a GPS receiver.

Direct Flow Control System

With the Direct Flow Control (DFC) system, your initial machine setup is easy using the spreading chart settings. You then remove the disc and fit the chute (stored above disc guard) for a flow test. After collecting the fertilizer, the electric linear actuators make for easy adjustments via the Quantron A terminal.


Easily Make Adjustments from the Cab

Quantron A Control Terminal

Quantron terminals electronically adjust the metering outlets to maintain a consistent flow rate relative to your ground speed. During spreading you are able to:

  • Modify the application rate
  • Simultaneously close either side with a simple button
  • Quickly empty any remaining product from the hopper at the end of the day


The terminal also features a work counter for 200 fields and integrated spreading charts.


Model Axis 30.2 Q
Maximum capacity (with extensions) 112 ft³ (34.1 m³)
Maximum hopper payload 7,050 lbs (3,198 kg)
Basic capacity 49 ft³ (14.9 m³)
Filling height 3'5" (1.04 m)
Hopper width 9'2" (2.75 m)
Loading width 8'10" (2.69 m)
Working width adjustment Manual on machine
Application rate control Electronic speed matching
Outlet control Electric cylinders
Fertilizer application rate Up to 1,100 lbs (500 kg) / min
ISOBUS compatible No
Control terminal Quantron A
3-pin battery cable with fuse Standard
ISO 11786 cable (to use speed signal from the tractor) Standard
Section control 4 sections (2 per side)
Speed sensor 1 speed sensor as standard
Telimat® T25 limiter (for border spreading) Optional (right side only)
Hopper level sensors Optional
Hopper cover Optional
Mud guards Standard
Anti-projection guards Standard
Spreading discs included in base machine S4 VXR+ discs with hard coated paddles for working width of 59' - 91' (18 - 28 m)
Disc protection guard Standard
Hitch Cat. 2 (not quick hitch compatible)
Gearbox 540 rpm
Ladder Optional
Required tractor hydraulic connections 1 SA or DA valve
Hydraulic capacity required -
Fertilizer identification cards and spread charts Standard (US imperial and metric)
Display unit capability Imperial and metric
Road lights and signaling Optional
Empty machine net weight, approx. 725 lbs (330 kg)