Kuhn GA 4401

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Proven and Durable Components to Assist You with Raking

Pivoting Headstock
The updated pivoting headstock allows a greater turning angle of 48 degrees to maneuver in tight field corners. Machine shifting and swinging is also reduced, protecting crop stubble. The headstock stabilizers also improve performance during turns and while working on slopes.

Double-Curved Tine Arms
Hyper-tangential, double-curved tine arms are designed to form fluffy and straight windrows for superior raking quality at higher speeds. Fluffy windrows allow more air movement through the crop promoting fast and uniform drying!

KUHN rotary rakes achieve this by following two basic principles for ideal windrow formation. First, the tine arms maintain a positive forward position right up to the point where the forage is delivered to the windrow ensuring gentle crop handling and minimal ash incorporation. Second, a steep cam track allows the tines to be raised very quickly to provide additional clearance over the windrow.



Maximum Operator Efficiency and Comfort

Right-Hand Delivery
For maximum operator efficiency and comfort, right-hand delivery is ideal. The GA 4201 and 4401 feature right-hand delivery as standard. Operators can monitor raking quality and make adjustments at the same time with the tractor controls conveniently located and commonly found on the right side.

Narrow Transport Width
Road transport can be accomplished with complete peace of mind – simply store the tine arms in the convenient rack at the front of the machine and fold up the guards vertically. Lighting and turn signals are also standard for maximum safety.

Raking Height Adjustment
Easy adjustments to the rake height are completed using a crank accessible from the tractor cab. The rake height mechanism allows for adjustments, even when the whole weight of the rake is supported by the rotor wheels.

Windrow Curtain Adjustment
The simplified windrow curtain adjustment sliding tube creates quick and easy adjustments to the windrow width.



Tandem Axles
Optional tandem axles are designed to handle uneven ground. They smooth out bumps and holes, keeping the distance between the ground and tines constant.

Prop Wheel
All mounted KUHN rotary rakes can be fitted with an additional prop wheel at the front of the rotor. This additional wheel provides improved raking performance and enhanced following of changing ground contours.

Wheel and Tine Proximity
Wheels are positioned close to the tines, allowing for quick machine reaction to changes in terrain, reducing ash contamination and maintaining forage quality. This also minimizes the risk of possible damage from tines striking the ground.


Working width - includes windrow 14'5" (4.4 m)
Clean swept width 9'7" (2.9 m)
Windrow width 2'3" - 4'9" (0.70 - 1.50 m)
Transport width -
Transport width with arms removed 6'5" (1.95 m)
Lift height under tines > 24" (61 cm)
Double curved tangential mounted tine arms Standard
Foldable safety guards Standard
Rotor diameter 11'2" (3.4 m)
Number of tines per tine arm 4
Number of tine arms 12
Fully enclosed gearbox Fully enclosed single reduction
Removable tine arms Standard
Tandem axles Optional
Tires 16 x 6.5-8
PTO speed 540 rpm
Wide angle PTO shaft -
Hitch 3-point, Cat. 2
Minimum PTO power requirement 30 hp (22 kW)
Road lights and signaling Optional
Machine net weight approx. 1,345 lbs (610 kg)
Shipping information: gross total weight (1 per crate) 2,013 lbs (913 kg)