New Holland W50C Z-Bar

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New Holland’s C Series range of compact wheel loaders offer a fresh alternative to the traditional farm, landscape, municipal projects and material handling solutions. In addition to being an asset in other areas in the light construction industry, New Holland's W50C ZB, W50C TC and W80C HS models aid in loading diet-feeders and high-sided trailers.



The entire compact wheel loader range boasts 3.4 liter Common Rail F5H engines developed by FPT Industrial that comply with stringent Stage V emissions regulations.  Advanced Common Rail technology delivers precise fueling for optimal response and also has significantly reduced fuel consumption compared to previous models. This super-quiet engine provides up to 75 HP and up to 314 N⋅m of torque for guaranteed productivity and operator comfort. The entire range uses Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) technology for Stage V compliance, which is maintenance-free and further enhances efficiency to reduce total cost of ownership.


All models are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions. Press the accelerator and go, smoothly and without fuss. Maximum road speed is 21 mph (33.8 km/h) when the optional high travel speed is specified, which is more than fast enough to get from A to B around the farm. With the inching & brake pedal, more power can be diverted to the loader's hydraulics without disconnecting the drive while maintaining a constant engine RPM. This is useful for applications like manure handling. A creep speed option is also available on all models except the W50C, whereby the travel speed can be set and adjusted to 3 mph (4.8 km/h). 


An almost unobstructed 360-degree vision is offered by the newly designed cab. The elevated driving position and an abundance of curved glass within four narrow pillars ensure the best view of any materials handler on the market. Access via the wide-opening glass door is easy and straightforward. Operators will appreciate the bright airy space and fully opening side window and low noise levels of 71dB(A). Further comforts include 10 air vents, air conditioning, air suspended seat, tilting and telescopic steering column and many useful storage compartments.


New Holland compact wheel loaders are designed to maximize productivity and minimize the time needed for servicing and attachment changeover. The line-up delivers consistently high levels of performance in every task. Operators enjoy the superior comfort of the cab, maximizing their productivity with minimum fatigue.


Two choices of linkage are available, depending on the end user's preference. Either the Z-bar linkage or the TC linkage can be specified.


W50C ZB  
Cab height in (mm) 97” (2458)
Wheelbase in (mm) 82” (2075)
Ground clearance under shaft in (mm) 17” (444)
Ground clearance under axles in (mm) 13” (321)
Angle of departure in (mm) 28°
Overall width without bucket in (mm) 69” (1740)
Tread width in (mm) 55” (1400)
Operating height - fully raised with spillguard in (mm) 154” (1400)
Hinge pin height - fully raised in (mm) 122” (3136)
Overall length - bucket level on ground in (mm) 206” (5283)
Dump height - fully raised, 45° dump in (mm) 97” (2490)
Bucket reach - fully raised, 45° dump in (mm) 30” (766)
Bucket reach - 7 ft 0 (2.13m), 45° dump in (mm) 43” (1102)
Dig Depth in (mm) 3” (73)
Turning radius: outside in (mm) 146” (3721)
Turning angle: From center degrees 40
Turning angle: Total angle degrees 80
Turning angle: Rear axle oscillation, total degrees 18
Voltage volts 12
Alternator amps 120
Batteries 95 AHR, 900 CCA
Pump (steering/implement) Open-centered pressure/flow compensated. Fixed gear pump
Loader control valve Open-center, Hydraulic Loader Control with single lever includes: Forward/Neutral/Reverse switch, Floating switch, Low/High Travel mode switch, Auxiliary Function Roller
Loader auxiliary steering Hydraulic orbital center-pivot articulating w/on-demand oil flow
Filtration 15-micron, full flow replaceable cartridges on return line
Flow at 2500 rpm gpm (lpm) 18 (67)
Main relief pressure psi (bar) 3335 (230)
Pump Additional HF pump
Flow at 2500 rpm gpm (lpm) NA
Pressure psi (bar) NA
Lift cylinder(s) two
Bore diameter in (mm) 3 (70)
Rod diameter in (mm) 2 (51)
Stroke in (mm) 29 (728)
Dump cylinder: Bore diameter in (mm) 3 (83)
Dump cylinder: Rod diameter in (mm) 2 (44)
Dump cylinder: Stroke in (mm) 19 (492)
Model F5HFL463B*F001
Type 4-stroke
Cylinders 4 cylinders
Fuel injection High pressure common rail injection
Fuel Diesel
Fuel Filter Replaceable, full flow
Air filter Dry type element w/ warning restriction indicator
Radiator Core type Staggered
Fan Direct drive
Lubrication/cooling oil pump Integral
Engine oil SAE 10W40 CJ-4 Diesel SAE 0W40 CJ-4 Diesel
Pump Deep sump plate cooler with pressurized under-piston nozzles
Bore in. (mm) 3.898 (99)
Stroke in. (mm) 4.33 (110)
Displacement liters 3.4
Pump operating angles: Side-to-side degrees Rated 35
Pump operating angles: Fore and aft degrees Rated 35
Pump operating angles: Oil filtration Replaceable, full flow
Engine speed: Rated speed, full load rpm 2500
Engine speed: Low idle rpm 950
Engine speed: High idle, no load rpm 2500
Horsepower @ 2500 rpm Gross hp (kW) 58 (43)
Horsepower @ 2500 rpm Net hp (kW) 55 (41)
Peak torque @ 1400 rpm Gross lb. ft. (N·m) 181 (245)
Peak torque @ 1400 rpm Net lb. ft. (N·m) 185 (251)
Transmission Hydrostatic transmission
Planetaries Outboard
Pump relief psi (kPa) 6 (42)
Pump flow @ 2500 rpm gpm (L/min) 26 (100)
Differential Open or LSD
Differential ratio 3.67
Planetary ratio 6
Final axle ratio 22
1st ratio 1.85
2nd ratio NA
Service brakes Single pedal. Not assisted, Hydraulic Brake pump with control of the “Inching” function. Auto refill system with auxiliary fluid tank. Caliper on front axle
Parking brake Mechanical control lever, Single dry disk on input of the front axle, Mechanical Caliper with no auto wear adjustment
Turtle - Forward mph (km/h) 3 (5)
Turtle - Reverse mph (km/h) 3 (5)
Rabbit - Forward mph (km/h) 12 (20)
Rabbit - Reverse mph (km/h) 12 (20)
High speed - Turtle - Forward mph (km/h) NA
High speed - Turtle - Reverse mph (km/h) NA
High speed - Rabbit - Forward mph (km/h) NA
High speed - Rabbit - Reverse mph (km/h) NA
Fuel tank gal. (l) 23 (87)
Total gal. (l) 15 (57)
Reservoir gal. (l) 11 (40)
Front Axle gal. (l) 2 (9)
Rear Axle gal. (l) 3 (12)
Engine oil w/ filter gal. (l) 2 (7)
Cooling gal. (l) 3 (13)
Reference configuration Unit Equipped with ROPS/FOPS cab with heater, standard counterweight, front and rear fenders, full fuel, 165 (75 kg) operator
Reference tires 12.5-18 PRMPT Dunlop Tires 12.5-18 PRMPT Dunlop Tires
Reference bucket 0.9 yd³ (0.7 m³) general purpose bucket w/ Bolt-on-Edge
Operating weights lb. (kg) 11,111 (5040)
With optional counterweight lb. (kg) NA
Fork weight with V type Coupler lb. (kg) 772 (350)
Forks length in. (mm) 47 (1200)
Fork load center in. (mm) 20 (500)
Max height below forks in. (mm) 114 (2903)
Ground-Fork Clearance @ max Reach in. (mm) 50 (1266)
Payload (80% of FTTL - EN 474-3) lb. (kg) 4004 (1816)
Tipping load - straight lb. (kg) 6019 (2730)
Tipping load - 40° turn lb. (kg) 5004 (2270)
Payload (80% of FTTL - EN 474-3) w/ add cwt lb. (kg) NA
Tipping load with add cwt- straight lb. (kg) NA
Tipping load with add cwt - 40° turn lb. (kg) NA
Dump angle - fully raised degrees 45
Max. rollback: Ground degrees 39
Max. rollback: Carry Position degrees 47
Max. rollback: @ Maximum reach degrees 69
Max. rollback: @ Full height degrees 73
Maximum back dragging angle degrees 42
ISO bucket capacity - Struck yd3 (m3) 0.7 (0.5)
Heaped yd3 (m3) 1.0 (0.7)
Bucket width - outside in. (mm) 74 (1900)
Bucket weight (incl. Coupler and components) lb. (kg) 805 (365)
Operating load - ISO lb. (kg) 3538 (1605)
Maximum material density - ISO lb/yd³ (kg/m3) 3865 (2293)
Tipping load - ISO: Straight lb. (kg) 8534 (3871)
Tipping load - ISO: 40° turn lb. (kg) 7077 (3210)
Tipping load - ISO: Straight with add cwt NA
Tipping load - ISO: 40° turn with add cwt NA
Operating load with add cwt - ISO NA
Maximum material density with add cwt - ISO NA
Lift Capacity: Full height lb. (kg) 7227 (3278)
Lift Capacity: Maximum reach lb. (kg) 9200 (4173)
Lift Capacity: Ground lb. (kg) 11,669 (5293)
Breakout force with tilt cylinder lbf. (kgF) 13,356 (6058)
Loader clearance circle in. (mm) 335 (8596)

* Developed by FPT Industrial
** W60C & W80C include additional 150kg counterweight