New Holland C337

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300 Series compact track loaders are reliable workhorses that deliver high performance in all conditions. Model C337 builds on the strength, visibility, power and smooth ride you’ve come to expect from New Holland CTLs with the addition of key enhancements that improve durability, operating ease and overall productivity.


The reliable hydraulic system of the C337 delivers fast cycle times, raising in just 4.5 seconds and lowering in only 2.6 seconds, in addition to producing less noise and providing extra-smooth operation due to in-line hydraulic pumps. New Holland Tier 4 Final engines deliver powerful performance, use less fuel, are easy to maintain - decreasing operating costs - and still deliver powerful 74 HP (55 kW) performance to the C337.


The low-profile track undercarriage of the C337 that provides 9.6 inches (244 mm) of ground clearance makes cleanout a breeze, reduces noise and increases durability. The loader also yields a smoother ride with 64.5 inches (1639 mm) of track on ground, thanks to steel-embedded tracks rolling on the rubber instead of steel. Fewer moving parts than competitive designs mean less complexity and complications, all adding up to longer track life.


The vertical lift linkage delivers up to 37 inches (941 mm) of dump height reach and a maximum dump height of over 100 inches (2581 mm) to precisely place loads in the center of high-sided truck boxes or hoppers. With a full rated operating load of 7,400 lbs (3357 kg), 3,700 lbs (1678 kg) at 50% tip and 2,590 lbs (1178 kg) at 35% tip, the C337 is optimized for lift-and-carry operations, allowing operators to load material with precision and confidence.​


The LCD display with an integrated back-up camera helps you operate a 300 Series loader with greater ease and confidence. At 8 inches in size and mounted conveniently on the right forward post, the LCD display puts all the information and tools for greater productivity right where you need it. The display provides key operation data, including engine and performance information, RPM, fuel level, battery voltage, hydraulic oil temperature, engine temperature, and trip screen. The integrated backup camera increases visibility to the rear of the loader, improving operator efficiency and safety. You can set the camera for “always on” or to engage only when shifting the loader into reverse gear.


New Holland 300 Series loaders make comfort a priority to boost productivity on the job. More comfort starts with the cab itself, one of the widest in the industry, so it's easy to enter and exit. Full-covering trim absorbs noise, and the visibility panel on the cab roof gives you a clear view in all directions, even to the raised bucket or attachments. The fully sealed and pressurized cab minimizes dust and exhaust infiltration. Seat choices include the optional suspension seat or the heated, composite air-ride seat for maximum support and ultimate comfort. An optional, factory-installed lap bar is offered on all 300 Series models. All loader models also feature an optional 8-inch LCD display with integrated rear camera, Bluetooth radio (satellite-radio ready) and a USB port.


Hassle-free access on 300 Series compact track loaders makes daily service and maintenance that much easier. The rear door and hood provide straightforward service access for periodic maintenance and daily checkpoints. Access engine oil, fuel fill, hydraulic oil, coolant and radiator points without tools, and clean the radiator from either side. If ever needed, the entire cab can be tilted forward for unrivaled access to components and easy cab cleanout.


Overall operating height  
Overall operating height with foundry/excavating bucket short lip (in. (mm)) 160.2 (4068)
Overall operating height with low profile/standard lip bucket (in. (mm)) 164.4 (4176)
Overall operating height with low profile extended/long lip bucket (in. (mm)) 169.2 (4298)
Height to  
Bucket hinge pin (in. (mm)) 131.1 (3330)
Top of ROPS (in. (mm)) 80.4 (2043)
Bottom of level bucket, fully raised (in. (mm)) 123.0 (3125)
Overall length  
Overall length without attachment with coupler (in. (mm)) 117.0 (2972)
Overall length with foundry excavation bucket on ground (in. (mm)) 141.1 (3592)
Overall length with low profile bucket (in. (mm)) 146.7(3727)
Overall length with low profile extended bucket (in. (mm)) 150.5 (3823)
Dump angle (degrees) 55
Dump height with foundry/excavating bucket short lip (in. (mm)) 104.5 (2655) @ 45°
Dump height with low profile/standard lip bucket (in. (mm)) 101.6 (2581) @ 45°
Dump reach (max height) (in. (mm)) 37 (941) @ 45°
Maximum attachment rollback  
Bucket on ground (degrees) 33
Bucket at full height (degrees) 85
Track and clearance  
Track on ground (in. (m)) 64.5 (1639)
Ground clearance (bottom of belly pan) (in. (m)) 9.6 (244)
Angle of departure (degrees) 32
Clearance circle  
Clearance circle without bucket (in. (mm)) 56.2 (1482)
Clearance circle with foundry bucket in carry position (in. (mm)) 86.6 (2200) with 78" (1981 mm) bucket
Clearance circle with low profile bucket on ground (in. (mm)) 90.4 (2297) with 78" (1981 mm) bucket
Clearance circle with extended low profile on ground (in. (mm)) 94.8 (2409) with 78" (1981 mm) bucket
Clearance circle rear (in. (mm)) 67 (1702)
Track gauge (in. (mm)) 58.6 (1488)
Overall width (in. (mm)) 76.5 (1943)
Manufacturer/model FPT / F5BFL463A*G001
Type Diesel 4-stroke, turbo, D.I.
Cylinder 4
Bore/stroke (in. (mm)) 3.9 x 4.3 (99 x 110)
Displacement (in.³ (L)) 207.5 (3.4)
Fuel injection HPCR Direct
Fuel #2 Diesel
Fuel filter Pre-filter 99.8% @ 30 microns, Main filter 95% @ 4 microns
Air intake Turbocharged Aftercooled with external EGR
Cooling Liquid
Engine speeds  
High idle - no load (rpm) 2500 +/- 25
Rated - full load (rpm) 2500
Low idle (rpm) 1150 +/- 25
Horsepower per SAE J1349  
Gross HP 74 HP (55 kW)
Net Horsepower (hp (kW)) 68 (51) @ 2500 rpm
Peak torque (lb.-ft. (Nm)) 232 (314) @ 1400 rpm
Drive pump electro hydraulic  
Pump to engine ratio 1:01:00
Displacement (in.³ (cm³)) 2.75 (45)
Flow (gpm (Lpm)) 28.8 (109)
Charge pressure (psi (bar)) 362 (24.5)
System relief (psi (bar)) 5220 (360)
Control Mechanical or Electro hydraulic
Drive motors  
Effective Max displacement (in.³ (cm³)) 3.10 (50.9)
Effective Displacement opt high speed (in.³ (cm³)) -
Speed @ high idle engine (rpm) 103
Speed @ optional high speed (rpm) 156
Torque @ max displ. and relief pressure (lb.-ft. (Nm)) 4654 (6310)
Travel speed  
Low range (mph (kph)) 5.5 (8.9)
High range (mph (kph)) 8.0 (12.9)
Final drive Planetary gearbox with 2-speed motor
Parking brake  
Type Spring applied, hydraulic release disc
Engagement Depress on/off brake button on instrument panel, disconnect lapbelt, get off seat, or stop engine
System Zig Zag Pattern
Idlers / rollers per side 2/4/2024
Ground pressure  
PSI (bar) (with spec belt) 4.2 (0.29)
Type Gear
Displacement standard aux. (in.³ (cm³)) 2.23 (36.6)
Displacement high flow aux. (in.³ (cm³)) 1.24 (20.4)
Standard pump flow (gpm (Lpm)) 24.2 (91.5)
Optional high flow (gpm (Lpm)) 37.6 (142.5)
Enhanced high flow (gpm (Lpm)) _
Loader control valve  
Type 3 spool / open center / series
Standard relief pressure (psi (bar)) 3,046 (210)
Enhanced high flow relief pressure (psi (bar)) _
Hydraulic filter 6 microns / spin on
Lift cylinder  
Bore diameter (in. (mm)) 2.75 (69.85)
Rod diameter (in. (mm)) 1.75 (44.5)
Stroke (in. (mm)) 34.9 (886.5)
Closed length (in. (mm)) 47.4 (1205)
Bucket cylinders  
Bore diameter (in. (mm)) 3.0 (76.2)
Rod diameter (in. (mm)) 1.5 (38.1)
Stroke (in. (mm)) 16.14 (410)
Closed length (in. (mm)) 24 (610)
Rated operating load  
50% tip (lbs. (kg)) 3700 (1678)
35% tip (lbs. (kg)) 2590 (1178)
Tipping load (lbs. (kg)) 7400 (3357)
Breakout forces  
Lift cylinder (lbs. (kN)) 6110 (27.2)
Bucket cylinder (lbs. (kN)) 7360 (32.7)
Cycle times  
Raise (seconds) 4.5
Lower (seconds) 2.6
Dump (seconds) 2.6
Roll back (seconds) 2
Operating Weight 9,945 lbs (4520 kg)
Shipping weight (lbs. (kg)) 9615 (4370)
Service Capacities  
Fuel tank (gal. (L)) 25.5 (96.5)
Engine oil with filter (qt. (L)) 8.9 (8.5)
System Capacity with filter (qt. (L)) 47 (44.5)
DEF tank (gal. (L)) _
Lift Style  
Lift design