D Series


D Series loader backhoes represent a huge step forward in operator comfort and productivity while delivering Tier 4 Final emission compliance without compromise. A new cab design features 10% more space and new rear side windows. Experience vastly improved clearance when turning the seat for backhoe operation. Do more than move bulk material - use your D Series machine for grading and leveling as well as grabbing heavy items like tree trunks and concrete pillars.

With a 4-in-1 bucket, a D Series loader backhoe delivers an exceptional performance with just a single attachment. Choose a 6-in-1 bucket and you have the option to flip down adjustable pallet forks for handling palletized loads without a dedicated vehicle. The backhoe can be equipped with a wide choice of buckets to match excavation, water-course clearance, trenching and other demands. You can also fit post-hole diggers, hydraulically extendable dippers and countless other tools. The long, nearly 23 ft. (7 m) reach of both the standard and telescopic dipper allows digging depth comparable to many conventional dedicated excavators. There are no performance compromises with a New Holland D Series loader backhoe.