New Holland B110D

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Businesses from agriculture to horticulture, landscaping to drainage and irrigation need multiskilled and cost-effective equipment. The digging and lifting capabilities of a New Holland D Series loader backhoe leave no room for compromising on performance. Built-in versatility, prioritized operator comfort and the advanced Tier 4 Final engine all work to prove how the B110D is one investment that will never be short of work.


​​​​​​​​​​The B110D loader backhoe is the economy-class solution to help you get the job done. Its high-performing loader lift capacity of 7,833 lbs (3553 kg) and 13,418 lbs (6086 kg) of outstanding extended bucket digging force will help increase your productivity in a wide range of work.

Plus, you'll have 110 gross HP (82 kW) tackling those loading, grading, grabbing, lifting, excavating, digging, and planting tasks.


Jobsite domination is at arm's length using the over 22 ft (6991 mm) of extended backhoe overall reach on the B110D. Tower over the competitors with the standard maximum operating height of 17.10 ft (5430 mm) on the backhoe and 14 ft 5 in (4400 mm) of loader dump height using the 1.1 cu yd Heavy-Duty General Purpose bucket.


The reliable hydraulic system on the B110D delivers fast cycle times to the loader, raising a 1.3 cy yd Heavy-Duty General Purpose bucket to full height in 3.7 sec, lowering in 2.7 sec and a 1.9 sec dump time.

This D Series loader backhoe delivers exceptional performance with just a single attachment, while the front loader can be fitted to meet your needs with a 1.3 cu. yd. standard bucket, a 4x1 or 6x1 bucket. The backhoe can be equipped with a variety of attachments, such as a hydraulic breaker, auger, or thumb; and loader attachments such as a sweeper broom, fork, scrap grapple or claw, to match a wide range of worksite demands.


An optional glide ride control system is available on the B110D. This feature automatically activates above/below 3 preset speeds and the default speeds for activation/deactivation are 6/5 mph. Plus, glide ride improves material retention over uneven terrain, enables faster load cycle times and allows for higher travel speeds that reduce roading times.


D Series loader backhoes come with switchable two- or four-wheel-drive, a powershuttle forward/reverse mechanical transmission, or the automatic PowerShiftTM transmission. All PowerShift models now feature a convenient F-N-R switch on the front loader multifunction lever.

Mechanical four-speed powershuttle

  • Floor-mounted gear lever with steering column-mounted electro–hydraulic forward/reverse shuttle
  • Four gears with transmission de-clutch button incorporated into the gear lever
  • Affordable, dependable and easy to use
  • Ideal choice in applications where the backhoe will get more use than front loader


Automatic four-speed PowerShiftTM

  • Steering column-mounted lever for shuttle and speed selection
  • Fully modulated gear shifting with speed-matching F-N-R switch on the loader multifunction lever
  • Easy to use and maintain Ideal transmission choice for extensive front loader work
  • Loader joystick is fitted with a transmission de-clutch button to divert full power to hydraulics as required
  • Selectable two- or four-wheel-drive



New Holland is not going it alone when it comes to Tier 4 Final technology. In-house engine development specialists, FPT Industrial, have decades of development behind each engine that exists today.

Pioneering always: Common Rail technology was developed by FPT Industrial in Switzerland during the 1980s and publicly introduced on the Alfa Romeo 156 in 1997. They were the very first to manufacture this technology on agricultural machines, starting with the TS-A tractor. Now, the FPT Industrial F5 3.4-liter, four-cylinder engine is the same unit proven on the D Series loader backhoes as it is on mighty New Holland T5 tractors.

Cleaner everywhere: For the ninth consecutive year, CNH Industrial has topped the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Indexes for the Industrial Engineering sector.

Reliability confirmed: FPT Industrial has pioneered SCR technology since 1995 and has already produced over 1 million SCR engines during the last 8 years for the agricultural, construction and haulage industries.


The all-new, class-leading D Series cab gives you more — more space, storage, visibility, and comfort — not to mention a wide range of new features. The cab is now wider, so you can turn the seat more easily when transitioning from front loader work to backhoe. New rear side windows allow better visibility and less obstruction. A redesign of the right-side console improves ergonomics and control layout, regardless of what direction you are working in.

With the addition of two lockable compartments, two bottle holders, four open trays and a mobile phone holder, you'll take note of how storage capacity has been significantly increased and improves overall convenience. In-cab noise levels have been reduced by 3 dB(A). A high-grip floor covering comes standard to help prevent the operator from slipping when entering the cab with muddy footwear.

A powerful lighting package featuring up to ten optional LED lights provide a true 360-degree light pattern thanks to the roof-mounted side lights. Large retractable sun visors, cup holders, glove box and a deluxe pneumatic heated seat are included. To top it off, the engine exhaust is located on the right side of the cab to provide a clear view of the loader arm.


Routine care is the key to equipment performance and longevity. The D Series loader backhoe is designed for fast, easy routine service checks and features long 500-hour engine and 1,000-hour transmission service intervals to reduce downtime. Easy access is provided to all key fuel, engine, transmission and hydraulic filters, and all engine servicing can now be performed from one side for added convenience.

Service features at a glance:

  • One-piece flip-up hood offers full engine access
  • All key daily checks are grouped together on one side
  • Battery-disconnect and remote jump-start terminals are easily accessible
  • Quickly and safely access all key lubrication points on the loader and backhoe from the ground


Transport length, ft/in (mm)  
Transport height, ft/in (mm)  
Wheelbase 2WD, in (mm)  
Wheelbase 4WD, in (mm)  
Height to top of cab, ft/in (mm)  
Ground Clearance, in (mm)  
Blade width, (ft. in. (mm)) 7' 5" (2248)
Bucket Rollback At ground level  
Bucket Rollback Raised  
Digging depth below grade, in (mm)  
Transport width, ft/in (mm)  
Stabilizer spread, operating, (ft. in. (mm)) 10' 7" (3226)
Stabilizer spread, leveling angle  
Loader Dimensions*  
Max operating height, ft/in (mm)  
Height to hinge pin, ft/in (mm)  
Dump height, ft/in (mm)  
Max dump angle  
Reach @ 45 degree dump angle, ft/in (mm)  
Max grading angle (degrees) 116
Loader Performance*  
Linkage geometry Straight
Bucket breakout force, lbf (daN)  
Lift capacity to full height, lbs (kg)  
SAE heaped capacity, cu yd (m³)  
SAE struck capacity, cu yd (m³)  
Bucket weight, lbs (kg)  
Cutting width, in (mm)  
Cycle - Raise to full height  
Cycle - Dump time  
Cycle - Lower  
Base Unit (4WD, Cab) (lbs. (kg)) 18,525 lbs
With options added 2WD  
With options added 4x1  
With options added 6x1  
With options added Canopy (lbs. (kg)) -397 lbs
With options added Med. (counterweight)  
Make and model F5HFL413A*B
Type Tier 4 Final certified, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst with Urea Dosing Module and Selective Catalytic Reduction, HPCR, 4-cycle diesel
Aspiration Turbocharged Aftercooled
Rated rpm 2200
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement, (cu. in. (L)) 207 (3.4)
Horsepower, gross (hp (kW)) 110 (82)
Horsepower, net (hp (kW)) 108 (81)
Peak torque (lb-ft (Nm) @ rpm) 339 (460) @ 1400
Transmission (Power Shuttle)  
Transmission type Synchromesh
Gear 4F / 4R
Max. forward travel speed (mph (kph)) 22.5 (36.2)
Brakes Less brakes, split brakes
2WD curb clearance (ft. in. (m)) 13' 6", 12' 7"
4WD curb clearance (ft. in. (m)) 15' 9", 11' 5"
2WD bucket clearance (ft. in. (m)) 17' 9", 16' 8"
4WD bucket clearance  
Backhoe Dimensions  
Max dig depth, ft/in (mm)  
Dig depth, 2' flat bottom, ft/in (mm)  
Dig depth, 8' flat bottom, ft/in (mm)  
Loading Height, ft/in (mm)  
Max pin height, ft/in (mm)  
Max operating height (ft. in. (mm)) 15' 5" (4693)
Loading Reach @ max height, ft/in (mm)  
Dig reach @ max height, ft/in (mm)  
Max. bucket rotation (degrees) 200
Reach from swing post, ft/in (mm)  
Reach (overall), ft/in (mm)  
Backhoe Performance  
Type Standard, Retracted, Extended
Bucket capacity, cu ft (m³)  
Bucket digging force (lbs. (kg)) 13,418 (6086), 13,418 (6086), 13,418 (6086)
Crowd digging force (lbs. (kg)) 8520 (3868), 8483 (3848), 6032 (2736)
Boom lift @ -8 ft. (-2.4 m) (lbs. (kg)) 3439 (1560), 3053 (1385), 2535 (1150)
Dipper lift @ +10 ft (+3 m) (lbs. (kg)) 4431 (2010), 4167 (1890), 3274 (1485)
Hydraulic System  
Pilot Control Pump  
System type  
Main pump type Dual gear
Pump capacity gpm (lpm)  
System relief pressure  
Alternator output (amps) 160 amps
Battery capacity (standard / optional) (CCA) 1200/900 CCA
Refill Capacities  
Fuel tank, gal (l)  
DEF system, gal (l)  
Cooling system, gal (l)  
Engine oil, includes filter, gal (l)  
Hydraulic tank (gal. (L)) 13.4 (50.7)
Hydraulic system, gal (l)  
Service Intervals  
Engine oil 500 hours
Hydraulic oil filter  
Engine coolant  
Rear axle oil