New Holland ML12 Telescopic

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The new small articulated loader (SAL) line from New Holland equips operators with the compact power to get more done. The effective combination of strength, versatility, and light footprint makes the ML12 Telescopic (T) exceptional for smaller tasks on any surface. A force to be reckoned with, the impressive lifting capacity handles loads with ease. Discover the various features that seek to enhance stability and safety in the ML12T.


With a narrow width of 36.2 inches (920 mm) and overall height of 81.1 inches (2060 mm) the ML12T model is suitable for landscapers focused on clearing sidewalks or fenced-in areas with limited space. Machine length without a bucket comes in at 89.2 inches (2265 mm), length with bucket at 115.2 inches (2927 mm).

The small articulated loader series provides unmatched agility to maneuver in tight spaces. Perfect for various landscaping and light construction jobs, these machines are just the right size for snow and debris removal on sidewalks and in backyards, hauling landscaping materials, removing fallen trees or for working on jobsites with sensitive surfaces. Don't be misled when reading 'small' in all this talk regarding New Holland's small articulated loaders; the compact size still provides powerful lifting capabilities.


Jobsites and tasks requiring heavy machinery power delivered through a compact package can turn to New Holland's small articulated loaders.The ML12T model showcases a lifting capacity of 2,425 lbs (1100 kg), maximum tipping load capacity of 1,650 lbs (750 kg) and lifting height of 111 inches (2820 mm).

The 25 HP (18.4 kW) machine boasts a 2,646 lbs (1200 kg) operating weight, allowing for minimal ground disturbance when turning or hauling on soft ground like turf. The ML12 comes fitted with an open cab, ROPS/FOPS safety roof and a 49.1 inch (1247 mm) wheelbase. The low center of gravity allows for stable operations, contributing to seamless and precise performance.


Key features of the ML12T include hydrostatic 4-wheel drive and a CII coupler with a huge selection of attachments allowing the ML12T to tackle any job you need done.

Unlike other small articulated loaders in its class, the ML12T features articulation and oscillation to provide ultimate stability, helping to prevent the loss and shifting of material during operation.


With the same 25 HP (18.4 kW) engine and 36.2 inches (920 mm) width as the ML12, the ML12 Telescopic (T) reach model excels with its telescopic reach arm loader and lifting height of 111 inches (2820 mm).

This extended lift allows operators to load and unload materials from large trucks, while the extended reach provides more flexibility in dumping, leveling and grading tasks. The telescopic arm provides 111 inches (2820 mm) of lift height and tipping load paths from 440 lbs (200 kg) up to 1,650 lbs (750 kg), depending on loader position. The 2,646 lbs (1200 kg) operating weight easily knocks out light construction scenarios such as moving pallets or light debris.


MODEL ML12 Telescopic
Operating Weight  
Open cab (lbs. (kg))  2,646 (1200)
Enclosed cab  -
Overall Dimensions  
Overall height (in. (mm))  81.1 (2060)
Overall length: Without bucket (in. (mm))  89.2 (2265)
Machine width (in. (mm.))   36.2 (920)
Loader Performance Specs  
Lifting height (in. (mm))  111.0 (2820)
Tipping load (ISO) - Straight (lb. (kg))   
Lifting capacity (lb. (kg))   
System voltage   12 Volts
Alternator  40 Amp
Battery   52 AHR 520 Cold-Cranking Amps
Engine model  Kubota D902
Emissions certification  Tier 4 Final Certified
Cylinders   3
Displacement  54.8 in.3 (0.898 L)
Fuel  Diesel
Exhaust aftertreatment   -
Engine speeds: Rated - full load   RPM 3,600
Horsepower @ 3,600 RPM – SAE J1349:  Gross (hp (kW))  25 (18.5)
Peak torque @ 2,600 RPM (lb·ft (N·m)  41.4 (56.1)
Transmission type  Hydrostatic
Differential type  Hydraulic Controlled
Parking brake: Type  Hydraulic Multidisk Brake
Max. travel speed (mph (kph))  9.3 (15)
Control valve type  Open Center
Pump type  Fixed Gear
Driving hydraulics: Flow rate (gpm (L/min))  17.2 (65)
Driving hydraulics: Operating pressure (psi (bar))  5,100 (350)
Working Hydraulics: Total flow rate (gpm (L/min))  7.4 (28)
Working Hydraulics: Operating pressure (psi (bar))  2,200 (150)
Auxiliary 1: Max. flow rate (gpm (L/min))  7.4 (28)
Auxiliary 2 — optional: Max. flow rate (gpm (L/min))  7.4 (28)
Auxiliary 1: Pressure (psi (bar))  2,200 (150)
Auxiliary 2 — optional: Pressure (psi (bar))  2,200 (150)
Continuous flow — optional: Max. flow rate (gpm (L/min))  10.3 (39)
Continuous flow — optional: Pressure (psi (bar))  2,200 (150)
Service Capacities   
Fuel tank (gal. (L))   11.9 (45)
Engine oil w/ filter (qt. (L))  2.6 (2.5)
Hydraulic system (gal. (L))  13.7 (52)
Engine coolant (gal. (L))  1.1 (4.35)