New Holland Service

Planned Maintenance (PM) Agreements

With today’s high-tech construction machinery, it’s increasingly important to protect your equipment investment with Planned Maintenance Agreements that help you manage service costs for the life of your machine.

With a Planned Maintenance (PM) Agreement, you’ll get a fixed price for future work that’s tailored to meet your specific needs. This makes budgeting and tracking maintenance a breeze.

    With your PM Agreement, you’ll be able to:
  • Identify problems and repair them before failure occurs
  • Decrease downtime
  • Improve resale value thanks to documented maintenance
  • Reduce your overall cost of ownership
  • Improve your fuel economy

Take control of your fleet maintenance costs. Ask Kleiber Tractor & Equipment about a Planned Maintenance Agreement.


Certified Maintenance Inspections (CMIs)

If you understand the value of having highly trained New Holland Construction service technicians working on your equipment, then you’ll also appreciate our annual Certified Maintenance Inspection program.

CMIs are a proven and effective way to prevent downtime, protect your equipment investment, and improve resale value thanks to well-documented service work. In the off-season and preseason, our trained and experienced technicians will inspect your equipment and provide recommendations on how to maintain your machine for peak performance.

CMIs are well documented and provide valuable service records for the equipment owner. Decals on your equipment are a visual indicator completed service. These in turn can increase the equipment’s resale value: equipment that’s had annual CMIs done will hold its resale value better than equipment that hasn’t.

Ask Kleiber Tractor & Equipment about the CMI program and our special promotions.

New Holland Top Service

Make downtime a thing of the past with the New Holland Top Service program. With just a single call, your dealer has access to the Breakdown Assistance Service—and extensive resources that will get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Ask Kleiber Tractor & Equipment for details or call 866-639-4563. Some exclusions may apply.


Warranties and purchased protection plans

With one of the best parts warranties in the industry, you’ll have solid peace of mind with New Holland Construction parts and labor warranties that cover both new and remanufactured parts installed at Kleiber Tractor & Equipmentship. It’s worth noting that, unlike many competitors, we include the cost of labor when you service your equipment at Kleiber Tractor & Equipmentship.

And for added peace of mind, we offer Purchased Protection Plans that reduce the cost of potential future repairs and protect your equipment beyond the base warranty. Plans include Powertrain, Powertrain plus hydraulics, and Premier plans that cover Powertrain plus hydraulics and electrical.

New equipment plans are for protection periods of up to 60 months or 10,000 machine hours, whichever occurs first. Plans are also available for New Holland Construction remanufactured parts.


Service Offers

Lower the cost of equipment ownership—and your overall operating costs—with specialized service and support from Kleiber Tractor & Equipment.