AMCO Manufacturing Inc.

Tough Tillage Tools Since 1947


AMCO Manufacturing, Inc., has been making tough tillage tools since 1947. Based in Yazoo City, Mississippi, AMCO farming tools are hard at work around the country shaping land, preparing seedbeds, and building agricultural water management solutions. 

AMCO makes farm and construction industry equipment and water management tools that give our customers years of dependable performance


  • bedding hipper 31 e1442247596793

    Bedding Hipper Assemblies

  • WaterManagement Ditcher LeveePlow1 2

    Water Management

  • homepg f15 foldingdisc

    Folding Disc Harrows

  • Homepg LOF 3pt Offset Disc

    Offset 3-Point Discs

  • homepg J42 wheel offset harrow

    Wheel Offset Harrows

  • LTF Double Offset Utility

    Double Offset Utility Disc