• New Holland mowmax vs mowmax II

    This videos was put together to help show the difference between MowMax and the new MowMax II header that is available for the New Holland H8000 Windrowers. Please take a look and enjoy.

  • The New Holland SP Windrower Durabine Header

    In thinking of their customers, New Holland has brought a new header for the H8000 Windrowers. The New Durabine Header. There are two types of headers available, the 416 which is a true 16' cut, and the 419, which is the biggest disc cutting head in the industry at 19' 4".

  • How to set up a New Holland Flail Conditioning system

    This a how to video on how to set your New Holland Flail Conditioning system. This video informs on how the designs helps to better condition your crop, and also how to correctly set it for optimized crop dry down.

  • How to set the New Holland Roll Conditioning Systems

    This video shows the features and "how to's" on the conditionings systems on New Holland products. Whether you own rubber or steel rolls, changing the roll gap, roll timing and roll pressure are the same. The video shows how set these three components and the importants of the settings.

  • New Holland Discbine Disc Mower-Conditioner Money Maker

    New Holland has a complete line-up of Discbine Disc Mower-Conditioners that can make you more money. Whether it is saving time out in the field, or custom cutting for your neighbor and friends, you cant beat a New Holland Discbine!!

  • MowMax Explained

    This video depicts the MowMax cutterbar exclusively found on New Holland Disc Cutting Haytools. Any machine with MowMax cutterbar has a 3 yr cutting warranty.

  • How to Install Wide Thin Fin Kit on a New Holland Discbine Disc-Mower Conditioner

    This video gives instruction on how to install the Wide Thin Fin Kit on a 10' Discbine Disc mower-Conditioner and also a 13' Discbine Disc Mower-Conditioner.

  • How to Change a ShockPRO Hub

    When you are mowing and can't avoid those objects lurking in the field, it is nice to have some protection to save you time and money. The key is the ShockPRO hub from New Holland. This video demonstrates how to disassemble and reassemble the ShockPRO hub and ways to make your life easier. After all we need to make hay when the sun shines!

  • Wide and Thin Swath Explained

    The theory of wide thin crop mat and why it can save a person hours if not days on dry down when spreading your hay crop out to 100%. Action videos shot in PA on May 2010, using an New Holland H7230, and a H7450 Discbine Disc Mower-Conditioner. The units are equipped with a fin distribution system installed on the swath gate helping the crop to be conditioned and spread up to 100% of the cut width. Thanks for checking this video out.

  • New Holland H5410 9' Pull-Type Merger

    New Holland has come with a new approach to the haying market. The New Holland H5410 Pull-Type Merger helps to move windrows for those who are the in heavy haying market. The H5410 has a 9' pick up width and helps to keep the rocks out of your windrows, which saves on the knives of the forage harvester close at the mergers heels. The merger also comes with a selection of merging widths which will move up to 14' of windrowed crop. Also, the merger doubles as an inverter. Simply swap the quick disconnecting hydraulic hook ups and the 42" conveyor goes the opposite direction. Install the inverter shield and you have an instantaneous inverter.

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