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  • Modern Grape Harvesting - Amazing Totals

    How many premium destemmed grapes can be harvested in just eight hours? The New Holland Braud 9090X answers this question during an SGS-certified performance test: 217.8 tons of destemmed grapes, which would equal nearly 200,000 bottles of Shiraz wine - All with an extra-low MOG (Material Other than Grape) rate of 1.0%, minimal losses, and record low fuel consumption. This test was conducted in South Australia in 2018. For more information on New Holland's Braud High Capacity Grape Harvesters, visit:

  • ProCart™ Plus - What Makes it a Plus?

    ProCart™ Plus rakes offer extended raking widths and heavy-duty features like tandem axles; perfect for raking the 16-foot swaths created by self-propelled windrowers and large center-pivot mower-conditioners. With standard electro-hydraulic control of working width and rake arm angle, ProCart Plus rakes allow you to build the perfect windrow for your baler or harvester, and make fine-tune adjustments — right from the tractor seat — to handle changes in crop type, cutting, or varying conditions. You can also opt for larger 60-inch raking wheels with 40 teeth per wheel and thick 7.5-mm tines for additional overlap and increased strength for raking in extremely heavy crops. Larger-diameter rake wheels also turn more slowly for gentle crop handling while forming a windrow. To learn more about New Holland's ProCart™ and ProCart™ Plus Deluxe Carted Wheel Rakes, visit:

  • ProCart™ Plus - Premium Carted Wheel Rake Offering

    New Holland's ProCart™ Plus series rakes offer extended raking widths and heavy-duty features. They maximize tonnage raked off the field and keep ash content to a minimum. For more information on ProCart™ Plus Deluxe Carted Wheel Rakes, visit:

  • ProCart™ & ProCart™ Plus - Common Features & Unique Differences

    Individual floating rake wheels provide cleaner raking and help form more uniform windrows that are easier to bale. Unlike other carted wheel rakes, ProCart™ rakes offer a high frame clearance to accommodate high-volume crops. This video covers more details on what makes these rakes some of the best in the industry. For more information on New Holland ProCart™ and ProCart™ Plus Deluxe Carted Wheel Rakes, visit:

  • Shift to the Future

    New Holland continues to shift to the future, so you can be Equipped for a New World. For more information on New Holland products, visit:

  • Machinery Minute: Workmaster25™ Compact Tractor

    Get the power and reliability of a Workmaster compact tractor in an efficient and cost-effective 25 hp package. Choose from a 3-range hydrostatic or 12x12 gear transmission to operate the Workmaster 25 at the right speed to fit your needs. Plus, you can put the Workmaster 25 to work on all of your toughest chores with peace of mind thanks to the Boomer Guard 6 warranty from New Holland. You can lean about Workmaster models by visiting:

  • Machinery Minute: TS6 High-Clearance Tractor

    TS6 tractor's high-clearance configuration is designed for working in vegetables and specialty crops. Like all TS6 tractors, the high-clearance models provide common-sense versatility and flexibility – you can customize your TS6 high-clearance tractor as needed to fit your operation. These tractors are equipped with an adjustable front axle that can range from 72 to 78 inches wide, you can select the optional creeper gears for precise movement during cultivation and harvest and, and you can choose from an open station ROPS platform or the deluxe VisionView cab. Plus, you can get all these features to make your vegetable or specialty crop operation as productive as possible at an uncommonly affordable price point. Visit your New Holland dealer to learn more. New Holland website:

  • Machinery Minute: TK4 Crawler Tractor

    The TK4 series of crawler tractors combines the best of New Holland’s comfort and performance features with unmatched stability thanks to the track design and low center of gravity. Powered by new FPT F5C engines, these tractors help operators in vineyards and orchards work efficiently, comfortably, and, most importantly, safely. For more information on the TK4 Crawler, visit:

  • Machinery Minute: T9 AutoCommand Tractor

    The eight-model T9 series from New Holland includes 5 agricultural models, 2 scraper models, and the only four wheel drive track model with a CVT on the market today. We’ve also included IntelliSteer auto-guidance to help you achieve pass-to-pass accuracy within 1 to 2 centimeters. The T9 Auto Command provides livestock producers with the ability to pack silage pits with one-handed operation, while cash crop producers hauling grain carts can now take advantage of the same features and benefits of the T6, T7, and T8 Auto Command series on the T9 series. To learn more about the flagship T9 series of tractors, visit:

  • Machinery Minute: T4 F/V Vineyard and Orchard Tractors

    New Holland is the World's leading supplier of narrow tractors. With bold styling, powerful engines, and narrow frames, our T4F and T4V series tractors provide the ideal solutions for the tight rows often found in vineyards and orchards. With engine horsepower ranging from 74 to 106, a minimum width of just 43 inches, and your choice of cab or ROPS operating platform, there’s sure to be a T4F or T4V tractor to suit the needs of your vineyard or orchard. And don’t forget, New Holland is still the only manufacturer in the world to offer a self-propelled grape harvester to work alongside our narrow tractors. For more information on New Holland's T4F Series tractors, visit: To learn more about the T4V Vineyard Series tractors, visit: and to learn about our Braud high-capacity grape harvesters, visit:

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