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    • More years of Vertical Tillage experience than the competition
    • More Tine and Roller Choices
    • More Tine Fractures per Acre
    • More Air Movement to Promote Biological Activity and Soil Life
    • More Water and Manure Holding Capacity per Acre
    • Less Soil Erosion
    • Less Water and Manure Run-off


A Long History of building machines and a Global Company backing us up!

    • More model choices than the competition.
    • Leader and innovator in the "Vertical Tillage" market.
    • Over 100 proud years of manufacturing experience.
    • Rugged machine design - easy quick adjust feature.
    • Equipment is easy to service - no disassembly of shafts to service blades.
    • More Tine choices than the competition.
    • CCT - Close Couple Tandem gives twice the soil fracturing per acre than competitive units.
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Why Buy an AerWay?

With its' many years of experience and AerWays' Multi-Function Design, it has given AerWay the ability to meet the changing and varying cropping demands throughout North America and beyond! 

AerWay models range from approximately 41 inches to 50 feet cultivation width. Depending on size, they come in 3 Point or Pull Type Configuration. Rigid Frames are available as well as folding units. Of course, only AerWay gives you different tine options to better fit your cultivation or aeration need.

 Our Markets include- Conservation Tillage, Min-Till, Manure Management, Hay and Pasture, Orchards & Vineyards, as well as Horticultural Aeration. 

AerWay now has over 600 active Agricultural Dealers plus 24 Manufacturers Representatives throughout North America to service regional needs. Our Family of AerWay Owners includes Cash Crop Grain Farmers, Dairy Farmers, Livestock Producers, Ranchers, Horse Farms, Estates and Race Courses, as well as Vineyard and Orchard Growers. 

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